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  • How is the physical exam done for Coast Guard or merchant maritimers

    Coast Guard offers a second physical exam. Every applicant must go through a medical check performed by a state-certified doctor. This test will be used to assess your safety in performing the Coast Guard duties. This examination can include discussions about your medical background, a physical exam, and any other specialist tests.

    What is required for a merchant-sailor credential to be issued?

    Anyone can apply to the U.S Coast Guard merchant Mariner Credential for anyone who is licensed to commercial vessel operation. Coast Guard requirements for renting boats include a Merchant Marine Credential. This applies to all boats-related activities.

    The most important exam that you need to pass in order to be a merchant mariner is the physical exam. Candidats for merchant mariner positions must pass a comprehensive health exam. It includes both an examination and a personal history.

    What happens during an Examination of a Merchant Mariner.

    To determine whether an employee is physically able to do their job, merchant mariners must have a physical exam. Comprehensive physical examinations of merchant seafarers are performed to evaluate their physical condition. Comprehensive exams are done to determine the person’s mental and physical abilities, as well as assess their flexibility. It also assesses the risk to crew members and vessels as well as other personnel.

    A medical examination is required in order to become a commercial vessel captain. Part of the medical exam includes a history as well as a physical examination. You will also need to be subject to drug and eye screening.

    What conditions are required for physical examinations of coastguard personnel or merchant mariners?

    Coast Guard is worried about America’s security. Coast Guard requires Coast Guard officers to be physically fit in order to complete their mission. It is crucial that you are sharp with your mental abilities. Coast Guard has both physical and mental assessments that evaluate applicants for their abilities to serve with Coast Guard.

    A physical exam by the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine determines if a person is eligible to sail commercially. All physical requirements of the candidate are taken into consideration. This includes heavy lifting and prolonged sitting.

    What are the requirements to pass physical exams for Coast Guard/Mariner personnel

    You must pass these exams to be considered as a merchant mariner.

    Merchant Marine applicants require a thorough physical exam. Before you can board any commercial ship, you need to undergo a Coast Guard inspection. The Coast Guard will conduct an extensive physical examination, lasting approximately two hours. It includes both a medical history and a mental and physical exam.

    How does Coast Guard personnel have access to physicals

    Coast Guard personnel need to have a DD214 for you to be able to arrange for your physical. You can either request an older version, or submit a fresh one. To make your DD214 legal, you must provide service records as well as paytubs.


    Coast Guard conducts medical screenings to determine if a person is fit to serve. This includes a written and physical exam as well as detailed medical histories. It will also include a review of your medical history. The doctor will review your medical history and ask you about any recent or current conditions. The doctor will also be interested in everything about you including your health and recent procedures. The doctor will examine you from your head up to your hips, neck, and neck.

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